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We offer a unique combination of a professional atmosphere that is relaxed and flexible. Our leadership team encourages open, two-way communication and employee participation. OmCS rewards creative problem solving, entrepreneurial behavior, skill mastery, and excellent client service. This culture allows individuals to begin their careers at OmCS and move quickly up the ranks.

Our employees are described as intelligent, friendly, and focused. At OmCS, you will rapidly learn the fundamental technical skills and develop the analytical abilities to provide appropriate, innovative solutions to clients. The combination of employee talent and corporate commitment to continuing education enables us to create a culture that is creative and innovative. We value our clients, our employees, and our reputation of stellar quality.

We like to associate with people who believe in their abilities and who are committed to achieving their goals. We like to motivate and inspire our staff from time to time with workshops and personal development sessions focusing on personal and professional life.

We offer our employees an attractive compensation package designed to assist them in achieving work life balance and if you think you have what it takes to be part of our team, feel free to contact us.